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 “The Conquest of Siberia”

On the 18th of September 2010 the unique sculpture “The Conquest of Siberia” by Unus Safardiar was opened in a new arrivals area at Tolmachevo Novosibirsk airport. The idea of the composition – Roman Trotsenko, curator - Inna Khegay.

The sculpture is intended to become the symbol of Novosibirsk as a bright, brisk, dynamic and up-to-day city. Yermak, the conqueror of the Siberian land, is made in acrylic and bronze. In 1581 Yermak was sent by the Stroganov over the Urals to subdue Siberian khan Kuchum. Artist Unus Safardiar conquers Siberia in his way as a messenger of the centuries-old European culture. The study in the Academy of arts in Leningrad foster love to the classical tradition, and London being the centre of contemporary art adds a little of rebelliousness.

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