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  Order and Purchase:
  Unus Safardiar "The Awakening"
  Unus Safardiar "The Embrace"
  Unus Safardiar "Gate of Multiplicity"
  Unus Safardiar "The Rubies"
  Unus Safardiar "Fate and the Parallel World"
  Unus Safardiar "Rubosity"
  Unus Safardiar "Feeling Transparent"
  Unus Safardiar "Gate of Multiplicity" (Landscape)
  Unus Safardiar "Rubosity" (Landscape)
  Sean Henry "Walking man"
  Sean Henry "Catafalque"
  Sean Henry "Man with potential selves"

The Regents Art Foundation gives you an opportunity to order on our website catalogue and purchase an original size art-object of the artists*.

With the artwork purchased you can not only decorate private or social area in any part of the world and contemplate over creative energy embodied in long-lived material, but also contribute into development of art of landscape sculpture, contextualize the sculpture and its placement into contemporary architecture, plastic arts and landscape design trends, transform an area into harmonious environment, enrich human cultural heritage.

The Regents Art Foundation offers special terms and conditions of sculpture purchase for sponsoring companies.

For more information, please, contact to:
Ms. Inna Khegay

Curator of the RAF
+7 495 776 1517

*Please, consider that making a sculpture can take a few months.

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