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  Gate of Multiplicity
    - Unus Safardiar "Gate of Multiplicity"
    - "Gate of Multiplicity" (close view)
    - "Gate of Multiplicity" (side view)
    - Unus Safardiar "Rubosity"
    - "Rubosity" (detail)
    - "Rubosity" (side view)
    - "Rubosity" (top view)
    - Sean Henry "Walking man"
    - Sean Henry "Catafalque"
    - Sean Henry "Man with potential selves"
  Land of Masters


Kunstgiesserei Lauchhammer Foundry  and Kunstguss Lauchhammer Museum and Foundation

Director: AndreasTietz
Curator: Inna Khegay    
The Kunstgiesserei Lauchhammer Foundry, the oldest in Germany, is situated in picturesque surrounding of Southern Brandenburg on the boundary with Saxony. This land of masters has been widely-known by its rich traditions of bronze and iron casting, glass and porcelain production.

The foundry Kunstgiesserei Lauchhammer has been operational since 1725. From 1780 the foundry steadily collected and kept the originals of sculpture models and forms more than 2800 created by famous German artists (Lepcke, Rietschel, Schinkel, Kolbe, Breuer, Mooshage, etc).

The Kunstguss Lauchhammer Museum offers a show of sculptural artworks of various genres and forms cast in the foundry in different times.

Nowadays The Kunstgiesserei Lauchhammer Foundry and The Kunstguss Lauchhammer Museum and Foundation  have launched the “Land of Masters” project that aims to connect tradition and the present. They organize exhibitions, festivals and master-classes. This year in June the “Land of Masters” project starts with the opening of a Park of Sculpture in Hohenbocka where the monumental  artworks will be presented.


Inna Khegay
+7 985 776 1517, innakhegay@gmail.com

Freifrau-von-Löwendal-Straße 3
01979 Lauchhammer

3 A Kunstguß Lauchhammer GmbH
Betriebsstätte: *Freifrau-von-Löwendal-Straße* 01979 Lauchhammer
Verwaltungssitz: *Hauptstraße 2a* 01994 Drochow

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