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  Gate of Multiplicity
    - Unus Safardiar "Gate of Multiplicity"
    - "Gate of Multiplicity" (close view)
    - "Gate of Multiplicity" (side view)
    - Unus Safardiar "Rubosity"
    - "Rubosity" (detail)
    - "Rubosity" (side view)
    - "Rubosity" (top view)
    - Sean Henry "Walking man"
    - Sean Henry "Catafalque"
    - Sean Henry "Man with potential selves"
  Land of Masters


Following a theme of interdependence - this series aims

to show that all things

are connected - what brings disturbance is tolerated - for

a while - but

eventually things find their level and dynamic evolution

is once more


Unus Safardiar "Rubosity",
bronze, acrylic, 470x270x270 cm
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