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  Unus Safardiar
    - At the Studio
    - Artworks
       "The Awakening"
       "The Embrace"
       "Gate of Multiplicity"
       "The Rubies"
       "Fate and the Parallel World"
       "Feeling Transparent"
       "Gate of Multiplicity" (Landscape)
       "Rubosity" (Landscape)
  Sean Henry
    - Artworks
  Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev
    - Artworks
  Dashi Namdakov
    - Artworks
  Francoise Nielly 
    - Artworks
  Anatoly Gankevich

Unus Safardiar (b. 1968, USSR)

"I feel modern art is like a headless chicken running around without any sense of direction. I want to change that and give it a new sense of purpose. They say that the line between genius and evil is three millimetres. Pop culture doesn't deal with millimetres; it majors with kilometres so there is no difference between talent and mediocrity. I hate mediocrity. That's why in the West where everything is based on sensation people stopped celebrating beauty. We need to create new forms, new beauty".

"My sculpture is my life. There was a period when I just wanted to surprise, and then at the age Christ died I realised what I really wanted was to transform space, explore an alternative reality and connect past, present and future."

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