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       "Walking man"
       "Man with potential selves"
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Sean Henry (b. 1965, England)

"It's very exciting putting works in a public zone. Primarily because you feel they're still functioning, they have a role. It's exciting from a creator's point of view in seeing people coming across them for the first time and engaging with them. At Holland Park (West London) I chose the site in the winter when it was bare trees and looked beautiful for a solitary walking figure on a concrete path. But of course in the summer the trees are full of leaves and it became quite dark on that site and the figure definitely became more threatening than he did in the winter, which was something I had not anticipated".

"The context is everything, and increasingly I am becoming aware of the theatricality of sculpture, and the inherent potential that presents to the artist. There are interesting links between sculpture and theatre, and there are good examples in the past of sculpture being used very theatrically, for example the group sculpture Lamentation over the Dead Christ by Niccolo Dell'Arca in Bologna. The interaction of the viewer with the work - the third element - will be integral to the show and its success."

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